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Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

Every Door Direct Mail at Accuprint

Send direct mail marketing postcards to highly targeted areas of your choosing, at about half the cost of already discounted bulk postage rates!

Accuprint is a qualified EDDM service provider. We make Every Door Direct Mail marketing easy for Albany and greater Capital Region businesses. Our direct mail specialists will work with you to geographically target your postcard mailings to maximize your return on investment. EDDM is the perfect SMB direct marketing tool, and a cost-effective marketing solution for B2C service businesses, retailers, restaurants, gyms, realtors, contractors, churches and more. Build traffic, swell attendance, increase revenue, promote sales and open houses, offer coupons, incentives and more!

The benefits of EDDM for businesses are three-fold;  1) you don't need a mail list, 2) the postage is an amazingly low 20¢ per piece and 3) you can specifically target where you want your marketing mail to go, right down to exact carrier routes!

First Step: Choose Where You Want to Mail

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Use this powerful online mapping tool by the United States Postal Service to select individual carrier routes where you would like your EDDM mailing to land. Every Door Direct Mail must be delivered to complete carrier routes, but you can select different routes within a zip code - or even multiple zip codes - that coordinate with your marketing needs.  This tool will also give you record counts to help in your budgeting.  Remember to choose whether you want residential only, or business plus residential (business alone is not currently available via EDDM).  If you have any questions about this process, simply give us a call, or contact us online.

EDDM Quick Reference Guide

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Accuprint is a qualified Every Door Direct Mail service provider. Leave it to us to print and mail so you have no worries or headaches. Or simply have Accuprint print your mail piece to ensure it conforms to USPS guidelines, and then you can mail yourself in a retail capacity, over the counter at a local post office. Click this thumbnail image to download the USPS EDDM Quick Reference Guide.


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