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COVID-19 Graphics

Chair Covers

Encourage social distancing in school and stadium seating environments, in bars, cafes, restaurants, poolside and more. Communicating important protocols helps patrons feel guided, safe and more confident and comfortable. Individuals are less likely to seat themselves when there is clear indication instructing them otherwise.

  • Graphic wraps over the top of the chair; white elastic stretches around the sides
  • Two material options available: Fabric (display polyester) and Outdoor vinyl (outdoor scrim)
  • Outdoor vinyl chair cover is easy to wipe down and disinfect; fabric chair cover is machine washable
  • Three (3) sizes available: 12"x6" Face, 12"x12" Face, 18"x12" Face
  • Stock options and custom-designed versions available
  • All sizes available in packs of eight (8)

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