Variable Maps

Don't Just Tell Your Customers Where You Are - SHOW Them!

Add a personalized map to each of your direct marketing pieces! Imagine the persuasive power of showing your customers not only where your business is in relation to them, but also a convenient driving route straight to your door! Each postcard, brochure or flier can have a custom, variable printed map image unique to each customer or prospect. And for those businesses with multiple locations, we use GIS coordinates to determine the location closest to your prospect, and design a map based on that location. Offer your customers the convenience and personalization they prefer!

Variable Maps_40% Higher Response Rate

We'll use your mail list, or create one for you based on narrowly focused criteria to get you the best response possible. Then we'll map each address in your list - whether a few hundred or few hundred thousand. Combining our personalized maps with other cross-media strategies such as personalized URLs (pURL), QR codes and mobile landing pages, your campaign will drive results that you have never seen before!

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Variable Maps by Accuprint