Personalized URLs

Personalized URL Example

Using the variable data printing capabilities of our digital press, Accuprint can print a personalized URL address on each direct mail piece. We will append every record in your mail list with a unique microsite address containing your customers' or prospects' own name. These sites servce as a bridge between both print and web, as well as a bridge between you and your customer. While it sounds simple, the results are amazing. Read on to understand the benefits of this powerful marketing tool.

Why Use a PURL?

Response Mechanism

In simple terms, that's all it is. A way for your customers to respond to your offer, inquiry, survey or whatever it is you have to offer that they are interested in. Consider this the modern day equivalent of the "800 number" or business reply mail. But people today don't want a high-pressure phone conversation or the time delay of a mail response. They want that information immediately in the privacy and convenience of their home. Whether directly on the landing page, as a download, or a triggered email response, we can build the campaign to suit your customers' needs.


Direct marketing studies show that an average of 74% of people prefer to respond to offers via the web. While direct mail is still the single largest driver of consumer website visits, your customers will then use the web to gather more information about your product or service. And with mobile now becoming the go-to web experience for more and more people, Accuprint can even create unique QR codes that direct your customers to a personalized URL. Each mailpiece has a personally designed and printed QR code unique to that receipient alone.


This concept has become the darling of the marketing community, and for good reason. In its simplest definition, integration is the combination of multiple marketing channels (multi-channel). When you send your message through multiple channels, the odds of speaking to your customer when and where they are ready to receive your message increases greatly.

Marketing Intelligence

The real power of personalized URLs comes from an interactive exchange - or conversation - with your customer. From print, to web, to email, this information exchange empowers your knowledge of your customer and delivers high-value data which your business can then use in future touch points. Accuprint is experienced in crafting these landing pages using proven methodologies that are meant to acquire meaningful marketing data on the prospect in the least intrusive manner, discouraging abandonment during the process.

Real-Time Tracking

Using a secure online dashboard for your campaign, you will have the ability to track your prospects URL visits in real-time. You can also monitor campaign statistics, such as page penetration, length of visits, responses and more. Plus with each visit, a real-time lead alert in the form of an email or text message can be automatically sent to your sales support team for immediate follow-up. A recent study by MIT and determined that the odds are 21 times greater of qualifying a web-based lead if it's responded to in 5 minutes vs. 30 minutes!

Personalized Experience

Personalization generates a greater response, period. This has been proven true in print, direct mail marketing, online . . . When your prospect sees there is a microsite built just for them by name, they are more likely to visit, even if just out of curiosity. From there, we further personalize the experience by walking them through a few pages that dynamically change based on their responses. Speak to your customers based on their wants and needs, close more sales and generate more revenue. Isn't that every business' goal?