Mobile Marketing

Mobile Websites by Accuprint

Finger-Friendly Mobile Optimized Websites

Your company website is a powerful marketing tool, and the anchor for your online presence. But, desktop websites were built for desktop monitors, not 4" mobile screens. You've experienced it. The panning, pinching, enlarging, double-tapping . . . trying to read the tiny text and click the tiny links. Which usually results in hitting the wrong link, and having to wait for the page to reload before going back and starting over (dubbed "fat fingering"). It's tiring and frustrating. So why put your customers through that?!

Our mobile sites are optimized for the unique demands of mobile browsers, and created with the user experience in mind. Get complete functionality including social media links, multimedia, opt-in submission forms, email and text buttons, downloads and much more. Your site will be compatible with over 5,000 mobile devices, and will automatically load whenever someone visits your site with a mobile browser. And best of all, it is run and hosted independent of your existing website, so there will be no issues whatsoever between the two!

QR Codes by Accuprint

Quick Response (QR) Codes

(If you aren't already familiar with QR Codes, read this first.)

Accuprint was an early adopter of using QR Code technology as a response channel. The versatility of QR codes is only limited by the creative imagination of marketing teams. Consider these potential uses in your direct marketing, all made possible with Accuprint's cross-media technology:

  • Print one code on marketing collateral or packaging, and we can re-direct the user's browser at any time depending on your future needs. Great for changing sales or special offers from time to time, without having to re-print materials.

  • Create variable QR codes for your next direct mail campaign. Each mailpiece will have a unique code. When scanned, the user is directed to a personalized mobile site with content exclusive to them. Proven to lift response rates!

  • We can create designer QR codes that incorporate your corporate branding. Say goodbye to those boring black and white cubes, and hello to creative designs that assimilate into your artwork.

  • Create a special QR code that resolves to a landing page designed specific to a single campaign. The perfect opt-in marketing tool!

Best of all, combine our QR code services with a mobile optimized website designed by Accuprint, and you have a complete mobile marketing solution that your customers will appreciate and use!

SMS Text Message Marketing by Accuprint

SMS Text Messaging

Imagine being able to reach your customers and prospects anytime, anywhere!

Powerful new SMS text messaging tools from Accuprint can help you do just that. Whether for a single blast to correspond with a direct mail or email campaign, or a drip marketing campaign, text messaging is growing in popularity because it produces results. Possible uses include:

  • Drip campaigns

  • Weekly/monthly specials

  • Preferred customer specials

  • Event reminders ("visit our booth", "shop today between 1:00 and 2:00")

  • Mobile coupons

  • Opt-in requests

Don't have a cell phone contact list? No problem, as very few businesses currently do (but soon will). Using our text messaging services, QR codes and a mobile optimized landing page, we can create a short code opt-in process that will have your users choosing to participate in your programs in exchange for their mobile numbers. As the process perpetuates itself, your mobile contact data grows, and your responses and sales grow too!

The critical point to all of these mobile services is the ability to create mobile optimized content, and Accuprint can do exactly that for your business!