Cross-Media Marketing

Drive Sales With the Combined Power of Print, Mobile and Web!

Whether selling an idea, brand, product or service, marketing is meant to increase awareness and directly support a company's sales efforts. Integrated direct marketing services from Accuprint - also known as cross-media marketing - are an extraordinarily potent means to that end. Using an arsenal of communication tools, all of which include the dynamic power of personalization, we are experts at creating multi-channel marketing campaigns that:

• Increase response rates
• Generate real-time warm sales leads
• Increase conversion rates
• Lower cost per lead / sale
• Increase average sale amount
• Instantly qualify leads
• Refine prospect data
• Track and measure results
• Sell more

Multi-Channel Integration

Marketing Results

To better understand how we coordinate a mult-channel campaign, download the integrated marketing workflow above. In short, we use a combination of personalized direct mail, emails and SMS text messaging to begin a relevant conversation wtih your prospects. These highly personalized, data driven touches are proven to increase response by 2 to 5 times traditional mass marketing campaigns, and create a feedback loop that further refines your market data and directly improves future campaign results.

Mobile Strategies

Accuprint has the technologies to incorporate cutting edge mobile marketing techniques into each integrated campaign. Whether text messaging, quick response codes (QR), or short-code opt-in strategies, adding another channel to touch your prospect is priceless. With the acceleration of smartphone sales recently, most of your potential customers will have a phone on their person at the time you release your campaign. Why not reach them when and where they are most comfortable and receptive to your offer?

Trackable and Measurable Results

Integrated Marketing Reports

John Wanamaker, the famous retailer, commented "Half of my marketing spend is wasted. I just don't know which half". And with a recent CMO Council report showing tracking and measuring marketing campaign as being the most important struggle facing marketers, Wanamaker's comments still apply today.

Now you can measure the results real-time. Online dashboards keep you up to date, knowing what has worked and what hasn't, what leads have been generated, your current campaign ROI, detailed response reports and more.

What is your marketing objective?

Accuprint's integrated direct marketing can be custom tailored to suit every specific marketing objective. Each channel can be used simultaneously, or individually at different times throughout the campaign, to further reinforce your objectives. This cross-media, multi-channel approach has been proven to be particularly effective for:

  • Lead Generation

  • Cross-Sell / Upsell

  • Loyalty Programs

  • Customer Retention

  • Lost Customer Reactivation

  • Enrollment / Registration

  • Fundraising / Annual Campaigns

  • Direct Sale

Don't wait! Call an Accuprint representative today to begin a conversation about your marketing objectives, and how we can put these tools to work your business! If you would like to read more about how others businesses are effectively using these same marketing tools, read our CASE STUDIES which we update each month.